Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit gloves are specialised hand coverings designed to provide warmth, protection, and enhanced grip during water activities. Typically made from neoprene or other waterproof materials, wetsuit gloves are designed to be worn with wetsuits to keep the hands insulated and shielded from cold water, wind, and potential hazards. The gloves have a snug fit to maintain dexterity while providing thermal insulation. Some gloves feature textured or reinforced palms for improved grip and durability. They are essential for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and other water sports, ensuring comfort, warmth, and protection for the hands in various aquatic environments. At Fluid Lines we offer a wide range of wetsuit gloves from O’Neill, Mystic, C-Skins & ION for adults and juniors. Free delivery from £70.