Tootega Kayaks | What sets them aside?

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Who are Tootega?

  • They were established in 2010, at which time Tootega was just a brand concept, to now, an internationally recognised sit-on-top kayak brand.
  • Tootega is run by Steve and James, two paddle sport enthusiasts.  When they’re not developing and innovating new products for the brand, you’ll see them out on the water.
  • They’re a British brand with all designing, development and manufacturing taking place in their Norfolk Head Office.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • When we buy any product, whether it be a kettle or a car we always want to be sure it’s going to last.  Tootega guarantee it’ll last with their famous lifetime guarantee on their boats.  This provides us with real confidence in the brand and each boat we sell.  We want you to be as happy with the performance of the boat when you leave the shop as much as in 10 years time.  

Custom Inserts

  • Tootega have developed their own custom insert shape.  They’re designed to spread the load behind the fitting, making the fixing point is super strong and able to take large pulls and loads. 

Quality Fittings

  • Stainless steel components make the strongest and corrosion resistant fittings, again, adding to the longevity and performance of the boats. 

Plastic Blend

  • Tootega have strived to get the best build quality they can.  They are constantly developing different plastic blends to be at the forefront of the production technology of sit-on-top kayaks.  Their high density compounded polyethylene offers the best possible blend of stiffness, impact resistance, and UV resistance.

3 Hull Types

Tootega have three hull types they use on their boats…planing ‘C’, Hybrid ‘C’, Touring ‘C’.

Planing ‘C’ – Used on the Pulse Range (85, 95, 120)

  • Most stable, yet the most lively!
  • Double concave hull – provides great stability, giving you all the confidence you need on your first outings.
  • Keel shape and channeling provide unrivalled tracking on flats water, yet still able to break free when surfing, creating that lively feel!
  • The shape provides further stability through greater volume in the rails, making paddling in choppy water a dream. Ideal for our waters! 

Hybrid ‘C’ – Used on the Kinetic Range (100)

  • Hybrid – basically it gives you the best of both worlds… surf inspired with a blend of features to provide efficient and great tracking ability.
  • On this shape, the concave depth has been reduced compared to the Planing ‘C’.  It has greater camber to provide improved rail to rail performance, whilst reducing water drag but maintaining high stability.
  • Defined bow and stern give superb tracking ability and hence great glide on the flat water

Touring ‘C’ – Used on the Sector and Prophecy Range

  • Concave in the central third spiralled into a vee-keeled hull form at bow.  Provides a perfect platform in the open sea.
  • Greater rail to rail camber.  This aids the turn initiation.
  • Boosted rail volume to give you lots of stability when in open water providing you confidence on those new adventures. 

Why have we chosen Tootega?

  • Quality boats and affordable prices.  Prices start at £399!
  • Developed and built in the UK.
  • Built with the paddlers needs in mind.  Quality not compromised over price.
  • Huge range of colours available.
  • Custom build option and quick turn around time.

Key Packages, ideal for our local area

(All kayaks come with the option of Hydrolite.  This is a lighter construction but at an added cost)

There are many more options, however, these are the packages we often recommend for paddling in our local area.  For more details on exact details of these models, just head on over to our website ( or come and have a chat.

Hopefully we’ll have another great summer on the water and see you out there soon!

Thats it for now, keep an eye out the next blog.

Fluid Lines Team

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