Capita is one of the leading snowboard brands in the world. They give you great graphics with the latest designs and tech to make sure you have the best experience snowboarding. If you want a quality, innovation, creative snowboard, then Capita is for you. They set the standard in all mountain freestyle snowboarding.  In order to control the torsional and longitudinal flex of boards, they use perimeter-weighted glass lamination to ensure the proper resin to glass ratio is accurately calculated. There are two basic types of base material: extruded and sintered. If you don’t like to wax often, but you do repair your base when necessary, extruded is for you. If you are more interested in going faster, longer, sintered is your base. Capita build their boards in the own custom factory called the Mother Ship in Austria. This has elevated their snowboards even further and is now 100% hydro powered!  The key boards in the Capita range have brought new life to snowboarding and include the Defenders of Awesome (DOA), Horrorscope and Outerspace Living. In addition, they have a strong, dedicated team of riders such as Kazu Kakubo, Scott Stevens, Jess Kimura, and Dan Brisse who are busy the boundaries of snowboarding and snowboard design.