Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy aids are necessary for all watersports, particularly stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. Buoyancy aids, also known as life vests or personal flotation devices (PFDs), are essential safety equipment designed to help keep individuals afloat in water. They are typically made from durable and buoyant materials, such as foam or inflatable chambers. Buoyancy aids are worn around the torso and secured with adjustable straps for a snug fit. They provide buoyancy and support to the wearer, reducing the risk of drowning by keeping them afloat in the water. Buoyancy aids are widely used in water sports, boating, and recreational activities, providing peace of mind and added safety for individuals of all ages and swimming abilities. We stock products from Helly Hansen, Yak, Crewsaver, Red Paddle Co, ION and O’Neill. We have a range of styles, fits and price points that will suit everyone. Free delivery from £70.