Avalanche Equipment

Avalanche equipment is crucial for off-piste skiing safety. Avalanche transceivers emit signals aiding in locating buried individuals in an avalanche. Probes help pinpoint victims, while shovels facilitate rapid snow excavation for rescue. Airbags or backpack systems increase buoyancy during slides, reducing burial depth. Snow safety gear, including snow saws and snow study kits, assess snowpack stability. Training and knowledge in using this equipment are imperative for backcountry skiing. These tools, coupled with awareness and preparedness, minimize avalanche risks, ensuring safer off-piste adventures. Avalanche equipment empowers skiers with essential tools for potential lifesaving measures in the unpredictable backcountry terrain. When skiing or snowboarding off piste it is important to carry the correct avalanche equipment. This includes a transceiver, shovel and probe so that if you or the person you’re riding with can be found if caught in an avalanche. We stock products from Ortovox The most popular products are the Diract and Diract Voice boxed set, this includes a transceiver, shovel and probe at a sensible price.

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