Ski Boot Fitting

Ski boot fitting in Colchester, Essex. Getting a ski boot that is right for you is so important and your boots are the first point of contact between your feet and your skis.


What we can do for you?


– The first and one of the most important elements is making sure that you are in the correct size and width for your feet.

–  We can tailor them to your feet by using either trim to fit or custom footbeds which help to better support your foot.

–  We can also heat and custom mould the inner liners of the boot to your feet reducing the ‘breaking in time’.

–  We can stretch to a certain extent the outer shell of the boot to accommodate small foot quirks and bunions to eliminate pressure points.


Boot Stretching

No two feet are the same (even our own!). When choosing a boot you may find that it fits 99% perfect but there may be a few pressure points where it pinches or is slightly tight. Working with our technicians we can warm and stretch the boot to relieve pressure, for example around the toe area just to create that little bit of extra room.

When you buy boots from us, stretching is included in the price. However if you purchased your boots from another shop we are are happy to help, but there will be a service charge for the work we do.

If you have purchased your boots elsewhere but still need the liner remoulding or a boot stretching, see prices below.

Reheating and fitting: £30

Shell stretch (per boot): £15



If you purchase a pair of boots from us we will endeavour to make any changes to the boots so that they continue to fit well. We can re-mould the liner and stretch the boots as much as needed, completely free of charge.


Boot Warmers

If you suffer from cold feet or struggle with poor circulation, boot heaters may be an option to consider.  In most cases they consist of a small element that sits under the foot and a battery unit which fixes onto the back of the boot. We sell products from a brand call Lenz.

When you are buying new ski or snowboards there is a lot to consider and footbeds is one of them. The footbed that is provided with most boots is nothing more than a piece of thin foam that gives your foot little support or stabilisation. Just check out the picture below.
We offer both trim to fit footbeds and custom footbeds from Superfeet for skis and snowboard boots. This allows for the footbed to be specifically custom moulded to your foot through the use of a machine called the fitPOD.
How do Superfeet footbeds work?

Footbeds inside your ski boots not only provides added comfort it also stabilises the foot and improves posture which in turn can help improve your technique whilst combating foot fatigue.

Superfeet insoles help to adapt the flat, 2 dimensional midsoles of your ski boots to your 3 dimensional foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilise the foot, while the deep, structural heel cup and full-length foam provides support and control.

The fitPOD | Custom Footbeds

The custom series from Superfeet provide increased levels of comfort whilst maintaining support and durability. The process only takes 15 minutes and trained staff can create you a custom pair of insoles from the two-part Superfeet layered sets, using the heated compartment that is part of the fitPOD.

The new fitPOD system takes this concept one step further to create orthotic insoles that exactly match the shape and architecture of every individual foot.  The custom footbed will provide you with everything you would expect from a trim to fit footbed but with even more of a comfortable and supportive feel.

There are three custom styles of footbed; the CustomCarbon Winter, Custom Black Pro and Custom Black.