Red Paddle Co 2021 Range – What’s New?


Red Paddle Co have always been one of the leading brands when it comes to inflatable paddleboards and in 2021 there no exception. They continue to push the boundaries and have packed lots of new premium features into this year’s boards. Read on for more information.

“Owning a Red board is something you can be proud of and our 2021 range is more desirable than any other editions we’ve produced” – Red Paddle Co

We think the first thing you notice with the 2021 models is how striking the design and graphics are. They have streamlined the look of the boards making them clean and stylish. The deck pad now reaches to the tail and wraps closer to the rails, and therefore should offer better comfort and grip.

New Features

Flat Bungees

A big change throughout the whole range for 2021are the new bungees on the nose of all boards. They now come with larger, self closing bungees. Because of their thickness and tension this allows you to safely secure all your gear to your board with confidence. Red Paddle Co are the first brand to move away from the traditional bungee cord, which can be loose and not very good at holding your equipment. We feel these larger bungees are a great new addition for 2021.

Twin Fin

The whole of the Ride range has been updated with two new super durable ifins. Red Paddle Co have moved away from the tri-fin setup as they feel the boards will paddle faster and straighter with twin fins. In addition, it should now make it easier to pack the boards away into the bag. Previously with the tri-fin it could be a struggle at times to get it in the bag.

V-Hull System

Brand new for 2021 Voyager range, is the V-Hull system which is exclusive to Red Paddle Co. They have been working with the University of Plymouth over the past few years to create this new innovation. The idea is the new hull shape breaks the surface tension of the water, making it easier to paddle through. Therefore, this new shape will help you paddle for longer with less effort!

Twin Traction Fins

Another change for the Voyager range is the fins. They have moved from a central single fin to two slightly smaller twin fins. The reason for this change (similar to the Ride range) is to improve tracking and glide of the boards. The other positive is by having two shorter fins you will be able to go into shallower waters, making the SUP more versatile in different waterways.

The Titan II Pump

We feel that the Titan Pump has always been one of the best iSUP pumps on the market, but for 2021 it just got better! It has been completely re-designed and is now 30% smaller in its packaged size compared to 2020. This will make it so much easier than rolling the pump up inside the board after a session.

The pump’s new features include a built in switch in the chamber isolation valve, a double-ended bayonet hose for attaching to the pump, and a redesigned air box. An integrated pressure gauge and a 90-degree shift in standing position also makes the boards easier to inflate.

5 Year Warranty

Introduced for 2020, the five year warranty continues for 2021. Red Paddle Co believe in their build quality so much that they can offer this extended warranty! All you have to do is register your board on their website within the first 3 months of purchase. This really does show why Red Paddle Co are one of the leading premium SUP brands in the world.

Whats Included When I Buy A Red Paddle Co Package?

Red Paddle Co stand up paddleboards come as packages and include all these great components to make your time on the water even better!


The strongest, stiffest and more durable boards on the market. Packed with lots of great new features for 2021. Choose a board from the Ride, Sport, Voyager range.


The paddle is your engine and allows you get the most from each session. For 2021 Red Paddle Co have simplified the paddle offering and now have either a Carbon 100% or Carbon-Nylon paddle to choose from. Both are excellent paddles, so no matter what your budget is, there is a paddle for everyone.


When going on the water is it important to have a leash to secure you to the board. A 10 foot, coiled leash is included with all Red Paddle Co packages.


The new 2021 Titan II Pump is one of the best SUP pumps on the market. It is designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to pump up your board!

All Terrian Backpack

The best SUP bag on the market! Strong, durable and with wheels, it is super easy to manoeuvre. It is made with the toughest materials to cope sun, sea, sand and abuse. It is the perfect size to get your board and all the accessories inside easily.

Waterproof Phone Case

Keeping your phone dry on the water! You can also use your touch screen through the case and easily take pictures of your session.

To check out the full range of 2021 Red Paddle Co packages – click below:

If you have any questions, please contact us in store by phone or email. We can give you advice on what Red Paddle Co package is right for you!

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