Red Paddle Co 2022 Range Review


Red Paddle Co have is one of the leading brands when it comes to inflatable paddleboards and with their 2022 collection they continue to push the boundaries. Red Paddle co Boards are packed with lots of premium features that make your paddling experience the best it can be.

Now in their thirteenth year of paddle board design and development, the new range enables you to get out exploring and push the boundaries of adventure. From all-new revolutionary boards, to redesigning paddles and transforming the All-Terrain bags – Red have completely re-imagined the world’s best SUP package. 

What’s New?

We take a look at the new Red Paddle Co innovations for 2022 below:

12’0 Compact

New for 2022, the 12’0 Compact is the latest addition to the Compact range. Based off the ever-popular Red Paddle Co Voyager range, this board provides the perfect blend of stability and speed for long distance cruising. It packs down to just half the size of conventional SUP – perfect for paddlers looking to explore without limits. The increased length and drawn-out shape improves glide, whilst our patented stiffening system delivers rock-hard rigidity.

12’0 Voyager

Another new addition to the range for 2022 is the 12’0 Voyager. It has been designed with a smaller paddler in mind. It is just 4.7″/120mm thick to allow lighter riders to feel more connected to the water, reduce wobble and increase stability. Its only possible due to our patented stiffening system (RSS) which allows for a longer, faster board that delivers our trademark stiffness.

ATB Transformer Bag


Also brand new for 2022 s is the ATB Transformer Bag. Not just a highly engineered adjustable and ergonomic paddle board bag but also a revolutionary bag-less carry system that has been designed with all paddle boarders in mind. You can now go further and access more remote waterways without the need of a heavy bulky bag. Inflating your board at more remote waterways (previously inaccessible with an inflated or rigid board) is now a real possibility.

Adjustable Cargo Strap

This was new update for 2021 which has had a redesign for 2022, all Red Paddle Co boards now come with larger, flat, adjustable bungee straps. This new design creates extra tension, safely securing all your gear to the board, so you can paddle with confidence.

Split Deck Pad

This is a brand new feature for the whole Compact range, the stylish new split deck pad design. Aesthetically eye catching and seriously functional, the split deck pad allows the board to fold on the hinge, meaning it is easier than ever to fold and roll away into a super small package. It also allows for water to run off more effectively and improves the ‘packability’ of the board. The Compact is truly the most transportable adventure SUP on the market.

New Paddle Designs

Paddles match the board: The Hybrid, Hybrid Tough, Prime Tough and Prime Lightweight SUP Paddle are available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board.

Bungee Connection: Designed to keep blade and mid section tethered together for convenience and easy set up. It’s straightforward and makes our three piece paddles even easier to assemble.

Anti Twist: Revised and redesigned, a new anti twist top clamp now only has one bolt.

The Red Paddle Co 2022 Range

The Compact Range: Half the size, these revolutionary boards offer convenience and performance. Great for a weekend adventure or a post work paddle.

The Ride Range: These all-round boards offer fantastic versatility for all of conditions and paddlers. They are perfect if you’re looking for some family fun, or taking your first steps on a paddle board. The Ride range of boards are the bestsellers and combine unrivalled quality, innovation and design so you can focus on simply having fun.

The Sport Range: After an enhanced paddle experience on any waterway? The sport range is the perfect setup for an all-rounder. These boards are packed with features that offer enhanced speed and manoeuvrability.

The Voyager Range: Stand up paddleboarding is all about exploration and the Voyager is perfectly designed for this. Looks to paddle longer distances? Carry lots of kit? Then these are the boards for you.

5 Year Warranty

Red Paddle Co believe in their build quality so much that they can offer this extended warranty! All you have to do is register your board on their website within the first 3 months of purchase. This really does show why Red Paddle Co are one of the leading premium SUP brands in the world.

Whats Included When I Buy A Red Paddle Co Package?

Red Paddle Co stand up paddleboards come as packages and include all these great components to make your time on the water even better!


The strongest, stiffest and more durable boards on the market. Packed with lots of great new features for 2022. Choose a board from the Ride, Sport, Voyager range.


The paddle is your engine and allows you get the most from each session. For 2022 Red Paddle Co have the Prime Lightweight Paddle and the Hybrid Carbon Paddle which are both available in the packages. Both are excellent paddles, so no matter what your budget is, there is a paddle for everyone.


When going on the water is it important to have a leash to secure you to the board. A 10 foot, coiled leash is included with all Red Paddle Co packages.


This was new 2021 Titan II Pump is one of the best SUP pumps on the market. It is designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to pump up your board!

All Terrian Backpack

The best SUP bag on the market! Strong, durable and with wheels, it is super easy to manoeuvre. It is made with the toughest materials to cope sun, sea, sand and abuse. It is the perfect size to get your board and all the accessories inside easily.

Waterproof Phone Case

Keeping your phone dry on the water! You can also use your touch screen through the case and easily take pictures of your session.

To check out the full range of 2022 Red Paddle Co packages – click below:

If you have any questions, please contact us in store by phone or email. We can give you advice on what Red Paddle Co package is right for you.

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