Top 10 Benefits Of Paddleboarding For Women


There is no experience quite like the delight of stepping on a paddleboard, exercising on a beautiful day, in the great outdoors, surrounded by stunning scenery and nature!

1. Accessible To All Age Groups

The personal benefits are enormous and best of all, as the points below illustrate,  easy for all women to experience and achieve. One of the foremost attractions of the sport is that it is, in general accessible to all age groups, meaning that purchasing a stand up paddleboard is a lifetime investment. An intergenerational activity which can be enjoyed from our youth, right through middle age and beyond. Age is definitely not a barrier!

2. Simple And Minimal Effort To Organise

It is simplicity itself and requires minimal effort to organise! Forget the complicated kit and caboodle of windsurfing or kitesurfing, not to mention the frustrations of the hours of practise needed to become proficient. Paddleboarding requires minimal effort to achieve maximum results. A board, leash, paddle, buoyancy aid and a vehicle to transport them in. The most popular type of board among women is an inflatable which eliminates the need for roof bars and requires only a simple pump on the riverbank or beach.

3. No Barriers To Learning

Unlike other popular water sports, no huge skill set or previous experience is required.  The only essential pre-requisite is an ability to swim with confidence. Paddleboarding is a great way to improve your balance. It is just a matter of finding the right board for you and enrolling on a paddleboard beginners course. Learn with Mersea Island Watersports.

4. Great Fitness Benefits

The fitness benefits are enormous. Exercise releases endorphins, making us feel energised.  It is  perfect low impact exercise which develops core and upper body strength in particular.  Paddleboarding can be as gentle or challenging as required depending on your desire to go for a good work out or merely to glide along the water at leisure.

5. Boosts Your Mental Health

It boosts our mental health.  We have all experienced and appreciated the mental health benefits of outdoor exercise during lockdown and paddleboarding gives us feelings of well being and happiness through the production of the hormone serotonin akin to those experienced after running.  It provides a great escape from all the everyday stresses and anxieties allowing us to access a clearer, calmer headspace and enabling us to refocus.

6. Connect With Nature

Paddleboarding helps us connect with nature, enabling us to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of the countryside and coastline. It allows the discovery of quiet or secret spots, otherwise inaccessible.

7. A Very Sociable Sport

Paddleboarding can be a very sociable experience. It is such a fun way to connect with family and friends, experiencing the bonding of participating in a sporting activity together.  The use of a dry bag also enables groups of ladies or members of a family to stop mid-paddle to enjoy a picnic together on a river bank or beach.

8. The Sea Or River. Take Your Pick!

It is not essential to live on or near the coast to have a go.  We are so fortunate in this country to be surrounded by water. Rivers, lakes and sea all provide different experiences and a range of challenges, from a gentle and calm glide to a more vigorous workout.

9. Fresh Air, Sunlight And Vitamin D!

In addition, remember all that fresh air you will be accessing, the sunlight and the essential benefits of vitamin D that we have all been missing from our lives during the past winter lockdown. The views of the beautiful and stunning sunrises and sunsets which are unparalleled when viewed from the water.

10. Any Time Of Year

Finally, paddle boarding is not only a summer, fair weather sport and can equally be enjoyed during spring and autumn.  As long a suitable equipment and clothing is worn, applicable to the season, the time of year does not need to be a barrier to your enjoyment.

Writing from first hand experience, I recently accompanied my son and his partner paddleboarding on our local stretch of river.  We were able to catch up while surrounded by stunning scenery, in bright, warm sunshine and calm ‘glassy’ water.  Next day, experiencing the gentle pull of muscles, I was reminded and reassured that my body had also had the benefit of a good workout!

Written by: Sarah Peek

Fluid Lines are an independent, family run snow and water sports shop based in Colchester, Essex

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