Duotone Kitesurfing 2024 – What’s New?


Introducing the highly anticipated Duotone kitesurfing launch of 2024! As tradition goes, every September, Duotone unveils a sneak peek of their upcoming 2024 range, typically featuring the Rebel surfboards and twintips, with the full lineup set to debut in March. This year’s early release includes the Rebel SLS, the Dice SLS, the Neo SLS, the classic Neo, as well as an exciting array of surfboards and twintips.

Rebel SLS Kite 2024

The redesigned Rebel SLS for 2024 is a true icon that continues to push boundaries and redefine the riding experience for a new generation of riders.

This year, the Duotone design team focused on the wing tips to improve the handling and turning speed. In addition, the canopy tension was also optimised to improve the gust handling and enable the kite to keep its shape no matter the wind strength. The combination of Penta TX and Trinity TX creates a remarkably rigid kite that maintains its shape even in challenging gusty conditions, providing consistent and smooth power delivery.

With its instantaneous depower, you can confidently navigate strong conditions and achieve extraordinary heights during big air jumps. The explosive take-off and vertical boost of the kite will propel you to new levels, while the extended hangtime will make you feel as if you’re floating in the air, experiencing longer flight times with every jump. The Rebel SLS is a perfect choice for freeride enthusiasts and those seeking massive jumps with long hangtimes. Duotone kitesurfing 2024.

Sizes: 6m – 14m.

Dice SLS Kite 2024

The new Dice SLS defines versatility with a more refined feel and improved performance across the range. For 2024 the radius arc of the kite has been optimised, improving the flying characteristics; 5m and 6m have also been added to the range, perfect for lighter riders, loops and riding in waves when it’s nuking. Duotone Kitesurfing 2024.

The SLS construction significantly reduces the overall weight while providing a stiffer airframe that enhances precise handling. The jumping capabilities of the Dice SLS have been improved too, delivering an immensely powerful lift during take-off and offering massive hangtime that will leave you soaring through the air. In addition, the bar feeling is remarkably direct, and the kite’s impressive turning speed ensures you receive ample feedback and maintain total control throughout your ride. 

When it comes to kite loops, the Dice SLS unleashes plenty of power; this power is easily controlled at the bar, allowing you to pull huge mega loops or smaller, faster ones. The reduced weight of the kite also enhances its unhooked capabilities, enabling it to remain suspended in the air for extended periods, giving you more time to perform the latest freestyle tricks. With its exceptional versatility, the Dice SLS is a fantastic one-kite quiver, ensuring you extract the maximum potential from every session.

Sizes: 5m – 13m

Neo SLS Kite 2024

The new Neo SLS builds on the incredible legacy of the previous years and further enhances the rider experience. Featuring Hybrid Flex Struts, which are now straighter and a wider, squarer wing tip shape show the focus was set on further improving the handling of the kite. The result is a kite with smoother handling, faster steering and a shorter depower stroke, allowing you to dump power instantly.

The new wing tips open up and flex when under pressure from the back lines, making for a super fast and near-instant initiation into the turn. The legendary wind range remains, with plenty of low-end power allowing you to get out whatever the conditions, while the top end keeps you on the water for longer. The Neo SLS features a Penta TX and Trinity TX construction, which combines lightweight materials and exceptional durability, resulting in a kite that is noticeable lighter than regular constructions. This weight reduction enhances the drifting capabilities of the Neo SLS, allowing you to execute your moves effortlessly on the wave without worrying about the kite.

Even when depowered with the bar pushed away, the Neo SLS maintains its dynamic handling and steering, ensuring you retain full control while riding the wave. The kite’s responsiveness remains unchanged, providing a seamless experience throughout your session. Whether you’re indulging in a flatwater strapless freestyle session or playing in the waves, you can set the kite for maximum pop and powerful loops or fine-tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed, depending on your preference and the nature of the session. Duotone kitesurfing 2024.

Sizes: 5m – 12m

Neo Kite 2024

The Neo has been at the forefront of wave riding since the very beginning; new for 2024, the Neo epitomises our versatile, solid, performance philosophy. The new kite features an improved wingtip shape and construction. This further enhances the turning characteristics of the kite and improves its handling, making it even more dynamic. The new construction uses more Trinity TX in the wingtip area of the kite, reducing the weight and helping it to drift down the line without sacrificing durability. The overall profile of the kite has been updated, too; it now features a slightly deeper centre profile with a moderately deeper profile towards the tips. These changes help to increase the kite’s low-end power and load the wingtips for more precise handling, making the steering incredibly responsive. These improvements make the Neo fantastic for riding waves; with lightning speed in the turn and incredible drift, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most popular wave kites on the market. 

Another excellent feature of the Neo lies in its remarkable power delivery across the entire wind range. With abundant low-end power, this kite enables you to ride with a smaller, more dynamic size, enhancing your overall performance. At the same time, the Neo offers an extensive upper range with generous depower, allowing you to stay on the water for longer when the conditions change.  

Sizes: 3m – 12m

Click Bar 2024

For 2024, the Iron Heart VI is back, featuring the Click-In Safety System. This allows you to simply push the chicken loop into the Iron Heart VI for easy connection every time. Perfect for riders using a rope slider bar and a real help when you pop your chicken loop and need to reconnect, especially in the water. The new leash has been redesigned from the ground up; it utilises a new construction with neoprene making it softer and more flexible but also improving the elongation when you crash. In addition, there is a new EVA design and the new Quick Link Mechanism, which allows you to clip the leash into the Suicide Ring with only one hand, massively improving safety. The floater is also removable so that you can inspect the leader lines of the bar, and the new pigtails have reduced sleeving only where needed; this reduces the weight and the drag through the air at a critical connection point to the kite.

The FLITE99 lines from Robline reduce the drag through the air and offer a more direct steering response. The V Distributor III can be adjusted easily, allowing you to set the front-line split quickly. It can also be removed entirely, very easily, so you can have a very low V; this makes the Click Bar compatible with most kites on the market.

As a part of the Concept Blue initiative, parts of the bar grip and the leash are using Bloom foam, an environmentally conscious, high performance replacement for traditional petroleum based EVA’s. If you want the ultimate control system for your kites, the Click Bar is the only choice you need to make; there is nothing better! For 2024, it’s even more refined, tuned and ready to perform at the highest levels of the sport. 

Sizes: 12-24 Lines, 20-22m Lines, 22-24m Lines

Twintips 2024

Jaime 2024 – The Jaime kiteboard made waves in 2005, sparking a revolution that changed the way we approached kiteboard construction forever. Even after 18 years, it remains a trailblazer in performance and continues to impress. The 2024 model is packed with features that aim to enhance your on-water experience.The Double Rocker Line Concept and Angled Fins provide endless grip on the water, perfect for upwind blasting and nailing take-offs for massive air. The Double Diffusor Bottom breaks the water’s surface tension when landing tricks, improving stability.

Jaime SLS 2024 – The Jaime SLS is an incredibly versatile board, perfect for big air, freestyle and freeride when the mood takes you. You will discover outstanding performance that is easy to access, no matter your skill level. Whether you’re looking to land that new trick or clinch the local spot’s height title, the Jaime SLS has fantastic pop and can propel you to the next level in your riding.

Select Blue Concept 2024 – New for 2024 is an asymmetric deck shape, updated outline and our new Concept Blue construction. Flax Fibre combines with Basalt Stringers to provide a smooth but engaging ride while being natural materials that are far more sustainable. The Select is the perfect choice for riders who want to enjoy cruising and boost big jumps on the water.

Select SLS 2024 – New for 2024, the Select SLS features a new asymmetric top deck which focuses the flex characteristics on the heel edge of the board. Combined with a new outline and our high-tech SLS construction, strong light superior, the board delivers an exhilarating ride. Perfect for big air, especially with the stiffer heel edge allowing for superior pop, it’s a great board for freeriding with loads of upwind drive. Duotone kitesurfing 2024.

Soleil Blue Concept 2024 – As a female kiteboarder, it’s essential to have gear designed to suit your smaller frame and weight; otherwise, you will be riding a board that is too stiff and hard to carve. That’s where the new Soleil comes in, a board designed by women for women. With its narrower outline, you’ll have loads of fun carving from rail to rail, while the larger Space Flex windows in the tips ensure you have a smooth ride in all conditions. The top deck has also been changed and is now asymmetrical, focusing the flex on the heel edge of the board, making it easier to edge and pop.

Soleil SLS 2024 – The Soleil SLS packs in all the amazing female-specific design features of the new Soleil and combines them with a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra SLS construction that embodies our stronger, lighter, superior philosophy. These advanced materials not only reduce the weight and strengthen the board but also enhance the performance, giving you a faster, smoother ride with more pop. The narrower outline allows for easier carving from rail to rail and lets lighter riders get a much better edge for improved take-off for big air and freeride tricks. Duotone kitesurfing 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the 2024 Duotone kite range, please get in contact with us on 01206 545533 or by email on sales@fluid-lines.co.uk.

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