Duotone Whizz SLS Foil – New Product

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Presenting the Duotone Whizz SLS foil, the latest addition in Duotone foil collection, tailored for avid wing, prone and wake foilers. This new foil complements the Carve 2.0 and Glide series, engineered to yield a wing that effortlessly pumps through waves, facilitating seamless wave connections, and delivering outstanding agility for executing sharp turns on the surf.

The Whizz SLS has a mid-aspect ratio of 8.5, striking a balance between efficient pumping and maneuverability. Its straight outline maximizes lift-to-drag ratio for better pumping. The wing’s unique appearance, especially from the front, features a progressive dihedral shape that enhances its playful and responsive feel.

The range comes in sizes 850, 1000, 1200, and 1450. The smaller ones suit experienced surf foilers desiring enhanced wave manoeuvrability but also ideal for wing and kite foiling. The larger sizes cater to heavier riders seeking an easier learning platform or to progress in wing foiling. Additionally, they’re great for SUP foiling in slow, weaker swells, and provide a playful option for dockstart wings for intermediate to advanced riders.

For best results, pair the Whizz front wing with a 66cm fuselage, positioned slightly forward in your tracks compared to our Carve or Glide wings. For a playful feel, try a shorter 60cm fuselage, or for more stability, go for the longer 74cm option.


PLAYFUL AND LOOSE– Surprisingly playful and loose in roll axis

GREAT FOR PUMPING– Great pumping ability with low stall speed

INTUITIVE – Extremely “flowing” and intuitive on the wave

TURNING BEHAVIOUR– Almost unnoticeable tip breaching behaviour during turns

CARBON LAYUP– Light and strong carbon layup for a great mix of weight, stiffness and strength;

INNOVATIVE DIHEDRAL– Innovative dihedral for fluid rail to rail turns

PUMPING OPTIMISED PROFILE– Pumping optimised profile and camber with very low stall speed

ZERO SWEEP DESIGN– Zero sweep design for highest pumping efficiency

COMPATIBLE– Compatible with Duotone Aero AL, AL 3BS and Fanatic Carbon & AL fuselages

Stabiliser S

In addition to the new Whizz SLS front wings, Duotone have introduced a fresh line of stabilisers tailored to complement the Whizz’s character. The Stabilizer S features minimal sweep and a slight dihedral angle in its outline, providing a fun and nimble sensation. Its unique profile, distinct from our P or C stabs, significantly enhances pumping capability while preserving utmost playfulness throughout the setup.

If you have any questions regarding the Duotone Whizz SLS Foil, please get in contact with us on 01206 545533 or by email on sales@fluid-lines.co.uk.

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