Why I Love Wing Foiling? & Slingshot Slingwing V3 Review


If you had asked me over a year ago if I wanted to get into wing foiling? I would have said no! I enjoy kitesurfing too much to share my time between two sports and why would I if I already kitesurf? A year on and boy was I totally wrong! I am so glad I took some time out from kitesurfing to learn to wing foil. I love the way it combines great aspects of wind sports into something completely new and exciting and I am now totally hooked.

When the conditions are perfect with nice clean peeling waves (very rare around here) then I will go out kitesurfing, but in Essex wing foiling seems to add a whole new dimension to the Essex chop.

Photo Credit: Kev Jay. @kevjayphotos (Insta)
Here are a few reasons why I love wing foiling:

• I love the versatility. The way you can control the wing by just letting go and cruising the swell offers a whole new level of freedom.

• Accessing places you cannot go kitesurfing. I have come across so many amazing locations that I wouldn’t dare go with my kite. I can launch wherever I like and I know if all fails the worst will be a swim in!

• Easy equipment to transport and set up. I get this comment all the time, “But there is so much equipment”. Not at all, it is so easy to setup and the standard wing is 5m! My board is 5ft and fits in my tiny car! The foil dismantles into individual components and only takes a few minutes to set up.

• It is pure freedom, throwing the wing around is a new way of experiencing new turns and tricks making each session exciting.

Photo Credit: Kev Jay. @kevjayphotos (Insta)

Having no foiling experience before it may seem daunting to learn something completely new, but it is so rewarding once you crack it. In my opinion it was easier to learn than kitesurfing board starts. Don’t worry about feeling like a newbie as the learning curve of wingfoiling is so much fun and the whole community of friends that you get from it is wonderful! It is so exciting to see how fast the sport is growing and all the brands getting involved.

Fluid lines are the most helpful and knowledgeable team who helped me find my perfect set up and thanks to them it has really helped me with my progression in the sport. They have a whole range of wing-foiling gear that they can talk you through and find your perfect combo! So if you are thinking of starting,give it a go it will be the best decision you have ever made Wing-foiling will keep growing and I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be the biggest most popular foiling sport in the world! So thanks to Fluid Lines for helping me start this amazing journey.

Photo credit: Nigel Cox
My wing foiling setup:

Slingshot Slingwing V3

When I first tried this wing I was amazed by how much power it had! I use my 4.5m in such a variety of wind speeds and conditions and I never feel like I can’t control it. It is so smooth even in the gustiest conditions. For me, riding the waves with a wing that is super light and stable is so important to me. The Slingwing is great in the waves and it doesn’t flip and catch while I am cruising . I think this wing will suit everyone as it has so much to give because it is so versatile. As for my little 3.5m it is an absolute weapon and it has all the benefits of the bigger sizes. The speed is just insane and the responsiveness is like nothing I’ve ever tried. Perfect for those super windy and wavy days!

Fanatic Sky Wing 5ft (75 Litres)

Going from a 7ft (95 Litre) board when I first learning to a 5ft (75 litre), I could not believe how amazing it felt and I felt my progression improved instantly. I like how it is so compact yet still has the right amount of volume. It is so responsive and stable making me enjoy every single session without fail! The way it touches down on the water is so smooth and doesn’t bang down and just glides back up so easily onto the foil. I am totally in love with my Sky Wing and can’t wait to try an even smaller size!

Words by Emma Round

Fluid Lines in an independent snow and Watersport shops based in Colchester, Essex

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