Why Wing Foiling? The Experience Of A Windsurfer


Wing foiling is the latest watersport and since last year it has grown incredibly fast. With many of the windsurf/kitesurf brands making wing equipment and wing foiling events starting internationally. I am increasing seeing more people on the water with windsurfers and kiters picking up a wing. The way I see this exciting sport is that you don’t need much wind and you don’t need masses of kit either. You can launch from most beaches, flat or choppy waters and easily pack it away in almost any car. Because of how little storage the kit takes up it will be fantastic taking it overseas, when hopefully, those times return. 

With so much development of hydrofoils, this is the perfect time to start wing foiling. There is now so much awesome winging kit out there making it super easy to pick up. For example, RRD has designed foils that work across the different sports, so you can just plug in and go with no stress or worry. So the decision it up to you on the day what to do, or just do it all!

For me as a windsurf slalom racer who hasn’t been able to race over the last year because of COVID , it’s given me a fresh exciting new chapter, just starting as a Waterman. I would say in no more than 6 hours into winging, I’m totally loving it. Even through the longest and coldest of UK winters, take your 5mm wetsuit and take the plunge!

So, what size? I took some advice from Dave @ Fluid Lines, we opted for a 105 Litre RRD Beluga, 5 metre RRD wing and the RRD Universal foil. I was shocked at the wind range of this setup and I was out in say 12mph to 25mph wind speeds. There was a fair amount of swimming and splashing in my 1st session but it didn’t take long and I was up and ‘flying’. As a windsurfer we have many pre-programmed skills like stance, vision, balance, reading gusts so I have found the transition fairly straight forward. After a few session out there I was getting more flights and trying the odd gybe or two.

I won’t tell you how exciting and cool winging is, I’ll let you tell me how exciting it is when next at the beach! But, before you start out here’s a few basics to think about. Always wear a wrist leash to attach you to the wing, a board ankle leash, a buoyancy aide and a crash helmet!

Let’s all enjoy this journey together. 

For help or advise on wing foiling, please contact either Fluid Lines or myself via social media.

Written by Simon chippington GBR984 
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