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The North mode is all about high speed performance. We have been using mode 5.5m for 8 months now and it has become one of our go to wings! Available in 4.2m, 5.5m and 7.0m.

What the brand says:

For high-speed performance, efficiency is key. The Mode, our new high-speed performance wing, incorporates N-Weave woven fibre technology, 3x stiffer and 40% lighter than traditional leading-edge materials, for the most efficient power delivery on the market. N-Weave reduces structural deflection and transfers wind energy into greater forward speed, explosive boost and hangtime for freestyle tricks. Development of this new material technology has allowed us to create a stiffer, lighter and more durable wing without geometric compromise (and without the high-performance price tag).

The Mode has a fast, VMG-optimized design, which lets you sail closer to the wind, on higher upwind angles, and reduces your need to tack or gybe, so you reach the mark as quickly as possible. We designed the Mode primarily for high-speed performance, but the stiffer airframe also translates into unprecedented loft for higher jumps and forward momentum on landings.

With incredible high-end stability, the 4.2 and 5.5m are ideal for use in stronger winds, while the 7m is optimised for greater power in lighter air. The wing has a balanced lower aspect ratio with rounded wingtips to reduce tip strike, and the new panel layout delivers wingtip stability and increased tension under load. Featuring rigid GripLock micro-trim control handles for immediate response, and new race-window positioning to help you keep a close eye on your opponents.

What we say:

The North Mode Wing boasts an innovative design with a unique shape that enhances stability and control. It effortlessly generates power, allowing for smooth and efficient foiling. The lightweight construction of the wing made it easy to handle and has a light weight feel in the arms.

One of the standout features of the Mode Wing was its incredible responsiveness. The wing immediately responded to even the slightest input, making it highly manoeuvrable and allowing for quick turns and transitions. Something you fist notice about the Mode is its up wind performance. I’ve found that I can point much further upwind than other wing models. This allows you to get back upwind quicker after a downwind section.

I was also impressed by the wing’s versatility. It performed exceptionally well in various wind conditions, from light winds to stronger gusts. The ability to depower the wing allowed me to adapt to changing wind speeds and maintain control throughout my session.

The Mode is very good for jumping and it has a really lofty feel. Combined with either the Axis ART 999 or the North HA 1050, it has defiantly led to some of my highest jumps wing foiling.

Overall, the North Mode Wing has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, maneuverability, and versatility. It offered a fantastic balance between power and control, allowing me to push my limits and explore new possibilities in wing foiling. If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable wing that delivers an exceptional riding experience, I highly recommend giving the North Mode Wing a try! We have the 5.5m on demo, so get in contact if you’d like to give it a try.

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