Red Original Premium SUP Accessories

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We have just had our latest delivery of Red Original stand up paddle board accessories. Here is a run down of the most popular products from this range that we at Fluid Lines are stocking online and in store.

What is Red Original?

Red Original accessories was created by Red Paddle Co; the premium inflatable stand up paddle board brand. Their aim was to produce premium watersports accessories for the active lifestyle user. Everything you need for the ultimate paddle boarding experience, before, during and after.

Red Original Stainless Steel Water Bottle

You will never need a plastic bottle again. Use this high quality, super insulated marine grade stainless steel bottle (which will not corrode like others) to keep hydrated whilst on the water. The ideal drinks flask for keeping your drink hot during those colder months.


Red Original Board Lock

Prevent opportunist thieves from walking away with your prize possession with our extra long combination board lock. With the ability to secure multiple boards together, it acts as a deterrent if you need to leave your board unattended for any period of time.


Red Original Air Belt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

The essential safety device for stand-up paddle boarders looking for a less bulky alternative to a buoyancy aid, designed to give the user maximum freedom and comfort.


Red Original Waterproof Cool Bag

Our high performance coolbag is a real game changer, keeping your contents colder for longer than you thought possible.

Whether you are using it for an ultimate SUP expedition, picnic, day at the beach, festival, camping trip, road trip or any other adventure, our ultra-durable coolbag will deliver time and time again.


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