The Off Season Has Become The On Season

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Normally in the winter months I’d hang up my wetsuit during the off season,  but this year I’ve been working towards the 2019 windsurf slalom season early. I have upped my overall fitness by pounding the streets, getting out on the mountain bike as much as possible and of course occasionally, when the wind gods are on side,  get a day out speed sailing at the Ray, Southend!

That normally happens on a super cold day in deepest darkest winter months wearing your thickest wetsuit and gloves. But on the plus side of winter speed sailing I’ve obtained a new personal best pushing up my maximum speed to 39Knots. To be honest I didn’t even feel the temperature that day and was so chuffed to get the new speed. I’ll be back to the Ray at Southend again soon as soon as we get a low pressure system come through to hopefully take me to my aim of reaching my 40 knot goal.

Over Christmas I popped into Fluid Lines to pick up the most awesome Christmas presents ever, thanks to Dave for your insight and patience in helping me make the right selection liaising with RRD .  RRD international  ‘Year 25’ have been working super hard to continue to improve their slalom offering, the V11 slalom boards have improved again with countless hours spent on R&D making them sweeter in the gybes, faster top speeds and with the shiny carbon rails they even look like a winning board. The slalom sails have also been changed with a totally new design, they’ve got a deeper profile , feel lighter in the hands and awesome to gybe. I found out speed sailing on my 5.2 even faster and these beauties go by the name of ‘X-Wing’.

As the days are getting longer now with the temperatures rising I’ll be starting to train out on the local waters of Mersea island or Point-Clear setting out a few buoy’s to gybe round and hopefully improve the slalom standards. We have started a little Facebook group called ‘Essex/Suffolk slalom’ , so if you’d like to join us for a fun race please keep a eye on the page for details. Anyone can get involved on any kit it’ll be fast, free and fun!

I’ve just found out the slalom uk dates set by the UKWA , this year to take us to some of the best uk windsurfing areas with the help and support of the local communities, the windsurfing association and local sponsors.


Event Details

No. 1
March 30th 31st                         Weymouth AcademyOTC Neil Pryde

No. 2
April 27th 28th             Lee-on-Solent Sailing ClubStarboard/Severne

No. 3
May 11th 12th                                       Felixstowe Sea Front- 77 Sports

No. 4
June 15th 16th                              WorthingFanatic/Duotone/Ion/K66

No. 5
September 21st 22nd                                      TenbySimmer/Puravida

No. 6
October 26th 27th                                              Christchurch– 4Boards

No. 7
November 9th 10th       Weymouth AcademyGaastra/GA/Tabou/OTC


It’s looking to be a great year on the water, see you out there.

Simon Chippington GBR984



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