Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride SUP Review

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The 10’6 Ride by Red Paddle Co. is the worlds most popular inflatable paddle board and has continued to top the SUP industry and consumer awards.

If you’re reading this you’re likely thinking why are these boards so much better than every other board out there, no? Well let us break it down for you…

First, the construction of the boards is exclusive to Red Paddle co.  They invented MSL Fusion Technology, that is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process.  This tech allows Red Paddle co. to produce a board that is 4.7 inches in thickness compared to the normal 6inches from most other brands.  This has the benefit of having a lower profile on the water, getting less affected by wind and chop.  So, the MSL construction allows the board to be that bit thinner yet still be stiffer than other boards available on the market.  Just take a look at the photo below for the benefits….

  • Red Paddle Co. spend up to 9 TIMES more time manufacturing and constructing their boards compared to many other brands.  In other words, their quality control is the best of the best, they won’t let a board get through their factories unless it meet their incredibly high standards.
  • The production process produces a perfect finish every time… so you won’t be seeing the remnants of PVC glue that have seeped through on to the outer layers; you’ll be seeing a clean and well finished board that’s all set for years of fun on the water.
  • Many boards have a ‘single layer’ construction.  Sure, this makes them light… however,  they lack any real stiffness, meaning when you stand in the centre of the board, they’ll flex BIG TIME.  In other words, they’ll look like a banana on the water.  Even if you’re thinking, i can cope with all that, well… they’ll likely paddle like crap (since you’ll be spinning on your banana shaped board) or maybe even deflate on you, since all it takes is the SINGLE layer to go…
  • It can also go the other way, some brands have started producing triple or even quadruple layer boards.  As great as this sounds in terms of durability, you do still have to paddle the board, you don’t want to feel like you’re dragging an anchor behind you.  These boards will be heavy as, so be very wary when you see this.


“A swiss army knife board, it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose” – Red Paddle co.


The 10’6 Package represents great value for money.  Every component has superb build quality that is built for performance and longevity.  Let us break it down for you…

  • Paddle – You’ve got a choice… from alloy to full carbon.  The paddle breaks down into 3 parts to fit seamlessly into the paddle ‘pockets’  in the bag.
  • The All Terrain Backpack – Take your paddle board wherever you go.  It’s got choices… backpack straps or wheels.  So whether you want to go on an adventure to search for the best hidden spots out there or whether you want to jet off to Med, this bag has got you covered.
  • The Titan Pump –  To put it simply, it has 2 chambers compared to the 1… meaning you can get your board inflated 2 times quicker than your standard pump.
  • Water Resistant Phone Case – Take your phone on the water with peace of mind.  Its always great for safety purposes, but why not relive your last paddle by taking some photos and videos of the best bits.
  • Race Coil Leash –  Always wear a leash, it could save your life.  Having a coiled leash is ideal on flat water as the leash won’t be dragging in the water behind you, again, making your paddle experience better!

Due to the popularity of the Ride 10’6″ Red Paddle Co added in a special edition colour way last year. So there are now two packages options of this board. Check out the options below.

To shop these products click on the images below

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